About Lumity

We serve you.
So you can serve your mission.

Our goal is to empower nonprofits. At Lumity, we understand how nonprofits work. We are a nonprofit — and we serve nonprofits. For 30 years, we have worked successfully to help nonprofits organizations address a wide range of key issues.

Making an Impact

What kind of challenges can we help you and your nonprofit meet? Think about those everyday issues that your organization faces – issues like making your financial systems work, getting the most out of your technology and finding the right person when you want to hire someone to fill an important position. We often hear how nonprofits face challenges in these areas — but clearly need to address them so they can focus on what’s most important: fulfilling their mission.

That’s where we step in. Our Chicago nonprofit technology, finance and accounting consultants have years of experience in each of these areas, and a track record of positive results. Lumity also provides a myriad of affordable trainings and classes that are designed to meet the needs of nonprofits.

Key programs and services

Lumity offers:

  • Financial Services for Nonprofits: Our team of staff and financial consultants helps nonprofits navigate financial issues through affordable routine maintenance, assessing and recommending software, audit and tax preparation and in many other ways. We also provide customized training to individual organizations to help work through their unique problems and questions.
  • Technology Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations: Lumity works closely with nonprofits to address technology issues, often starting with an assessment that helps organizations prioritize next steps – and then take action. We then connect you with one of our vetted vendors who has expertise in the area you need. We also provide customized training on a variety of applications and tools, tailored to fit your organization's needs and schedule. These trainings can be at your office or at Lumity's training room.
  • NPO.net Nonprofit Job Board: Lumity’s NPO.net is a job board for nonprofits – both nonprofit employers who post job notices on the site and jobseekers. NPO.net is a targeted, easy-to-use site that provides users with information about specific jobs and how to apply.
  • Other Offerings: Lumity offers classes on a variety of topics, customized to fit your organization's needs. We also provide an Executive Director Roundtable in Chicago's Loop and in DuPage County.

Lumity: Connecting Nonprofits

Lumity encompasses a broad vision of the nonprofit sector. While we provide specific services to nonprofits, we also serve as a hub for nonprofits, a place that connects people and organizations, and serves as a center of activity. We work closely with nonprofits, volunteers and donors. Every month, our Roundtable provides a forum for nonprofit executives to share and receive feedback about what is happening in their organization.

Lumity helps nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission through technology, financial support services, trainings and through NPO.net, a job board for Chicago’s nonprofit and philanthropic community.