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Finance Services and Solutions

You work for a nonprofit. You are committed to your organization’s mission, but you find yourself spending far more time dealing with nonprofit financial challenges than you want to — challenges related to nonprofit accounting, nonprofit bookkeeping, nonprofit tax preparation, and more. You sense that you need more expertise and time to solve these challenges, but you certainly can’t afford to hire a full-time staff person.

That’s where we come in. Lumity understands nonprofits.

At a time when nonprofits are keeping a sharper eye on resources than ever, we understand what challenges they face. Lumity partners with nonprofits to solve problems. Our work is about providing low-cost finance support services so that nonprofits like yours can focus on their mission — and increase their capacity.

After all, your cause isn’t providing tailored financial services to nonprofits. Ours is.

Lumity offers: nonprofit finance, finance consulting, nonprofit services, accounting, nonprofit bookkeeping

  • Low-cost financial support services for nonprofits
  • Extensive experience working with nonprofit and financial sectors
  • A flexible team that is available to meet your organization’s needs on a regular basis
  • Lumitybooks - a virtual bookkeeping service that is ideal for small to medium nonprofit organizations.

What we do:

Routine financial maintenance

We work with organizations to improve their existing financial functions — like preparing routine monthly accounting reports and reconciliations. We also work with nonprofits who may not have enough staff to segregate duties — including check-writing and approving transactions. Our Chicago nonprofit accountants and finance consultants can work with your organization on a regular basis and as needed until a problem is resolved.

Cost allocation methodology

Do you have a current practice that isn’t working? Do you need to develop a workable methodology? We consult with you to find a cause and solution.

Improved reporting and software use

We have extensive practical experience listening to our clients describe their finance information needs. We help you get your financial software coding set up so you can get the information you need.

"When nonprofits call us, maybe they have discovered their financial reports don't give them useful information or are flat-out wrong. Or maybe they get financial information four or six months after the fact – and then wonder about how they spent money. Our role is to solve problems and be advisors on financial matters – advisors who understand how nonprofits and financial services work."

Maggie McCoy, Director
Finance Consulting Services, Lumity

Audit and tax preparation

We don’t audit nonprofit organizations. We don’t do taxes. What we will do is prepare you for your nonprofit audits and nonprofit tax filing — a process that will save you money.

We have a team of financial consultants for nonprofits, based in Chicago, Illinois, that has considerable experience working with nonprofits. After meeting with you, listening and learning about your organization’s needs, we assign one of our consultants to work with you. In the long haul, it’s our capacity to understand nonprofits, form relationships, and be independent advisors that make a difference. We encourage you to contact us with questions at any point.

Download a PDF of Lumity's Nonprofit Finance Services.

Lumity (formerly Nonprofit Finance Center) works with dozens of nonprofit organizations of every size and offers affordable rates. For more information on our finance and accounting nonprofit consulting services, give us a call at 312.372.4872 or email